Restrict listing view page with Membership

Hey guys,

I have the Memberships extension. I want to restrict the listing page to everyone except user with a certain membership plan. If I choose Single Page in the restriction, how do I choose the listing page as the restriction option. I only see Listings Page as an option.


If you choose “Single Listings” you don’t have to select any “listing page” and so on. After setting “Single Listings” users without a membership plan won’t be able to access single listings, but they will be able use the “categories” / “search” pages, etc.

Thank you for the response Serhii. I understand that you can choose single page restriction. However, this is not what I asked. I have 3 memberships. I want to hide the listing page from non-membership holding visitors AND users with one of the three memberships. Is that possible? If so, how?


Sorry, it’s not possible. If you set “Single Pages” then users with any plan will have access to them.
However, It’s possible for attributes & categories. In each membership plan, you can set which attributes/categories will be accessible.

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