Restrict to acess to a single category using membership extension?

I want that only people that have an active plan can open a listing from a single category and the listings from others categories still able to see without a membership plan, is it possible?

Please check this topic - Examples of memberships and how restrictions are given or prevented in plans

That topic does not answer his question. It says single pages can be blacked. But what about categories? They are not listed as pages on the options for memberships page restrictions.

Hi, If I set single page restriction all the listing page from all categories will be restricted, there is a way to select an category ID to restrict?

There are 3 levels of restrictions:

  • Single pages (pages that display the details of a single listing)
  • Archive pages (e.g. listing categories, All Listings page, listing search results - all pages where listing cards are displayed with pagination)
  • Attributes (listings can be viewed, but specific details are hidden with “Reveal” link that requires a membership)

If you mean applying restrictions for the Archive Pages one, but only for specific categories unfortunately there’s no such feature yet, it would require a custom code snippet.

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I mean Single page restriction to a single category

Unfortunately there’s no such option, if you apply single page restriction, it will not depend on the listing category, excluding specific categories would require code customizations.

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