Review plugin dont add aggregate rating

Review plugin dont add aggregate reiting to listings. Does i need to use 1 more plugin so google take the rich snipet?

If you have our SEO extension it should do this automatically, we packed all the HivePress-specific SEO features there to avoid bloating the HivePress codebase, and website owners often use third-party solutions like Rank Math Pro to build custom Schemas.

So i need to build custom shema for aggregate raiting ? But does it work if listings are not products or recpie?

Yes, if you have Rank Math PRO or Yoast PRO you can create this schema from scratch (by mapping schema properties to meta fields, rating is stored in “hp_rating” meta field for listings). You can also consider using our SEO extension to automate this.
The Schema type doesn’t matter, as long as it allows AggregateRating, you can check this on

Im sorry for the late response

I tried to create shema , but every time some errors . Even approve it , google dont .

Can u please write me the shema i need to add with the % % ?

Shema for aggregate raiting shoud be in review plugin , not in SEO , Also the commend section shoud be pointed with the review . Its ussless to add whole plugin just for 1 Shema . Every raiting plugin have this shema pointed inside . Its normal to have shema inside to be compleated plugin.

Its not problem for me to add it if u help me to find out how , but consider adding the shema in review plugin.

Sorry, we can’t pack everything to the HivePress core and free extensions, otherwise adding social login and other features by default also makes sense, but we’ll end up with a bloated codebase. While we follow the best SEO practices for the HivePress HTML markup (e.g. heading hierarchy, HTML5 tags…), we decided to keep all the extra SEO features like Schema outside of the core codebase.

Please try following the Yoast SEO docs to create a custom Schema from scratch (you can also contact their support if you have the Pro version), you can also consider using our SEO extension to enable the AggregateRating, Location and other properties automatically.

Yes i understand

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