Reviews based on attribute

Is it possible to show reviews based on an attribute of the listing? Let’s say we have the product model as an attribute on the listing, and it is fixed(it’s a selection). I want to have the same reviews appearing for that specific model, even if it is a different listing.

There’s no such feature at the moment, but we’ll consider adding it. You can try using vendors as brands, the vendor rating is the average rating of its listings.

Thanks. Is it possible to add a PHP filter to consider these parameters?

If you mean groping reviews based on attribute options instead of listings/vendors this is probably possible, but requires advanced customizations.

I want exactly that, what kind of advanced customizations is needed to do it?

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, this would require a custom implementation of reviews. Currently reviews are linked to listings, not attribute options (there’s also a function that calculates the average listing rating for each vendor) GitHub - hivepress/hivepress-reviews: Reviews extension for HivePress plugin.

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