RSS Feed not working after the 1.6.18 update

After updating Hivepress to 1.6.18 the RSS feed stopped working.
I mean exactly this RSS feed:
Now this URL is redirected to another page of my web.
I use this RSS feed to automatically post the new listings to social networks with IFTTT applets. So this is not working now. And it’s an important functionality for my customers.
Please I need your help.
Thank you!

Thanks for reporting this, I guess the archive page redirect we added also redirects the RSS feed, we’ll try to release a quick fix for this.

Thank you for your quick answer.
When do you think it will be possible to release this fix?

Yes, it’s planned for this week.

Hello Ihor,
Just a friendly reminder of this fix we are waiting for.
Thank you very much!

Sorry for the delay, this fix already waits for the code review, but we wanted to ship a few more features with the next update so it’ll be available next week.

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