RTL layout for listing categories

ive been trying to rtl my website to fit locally. ive been successful using the support tips such as-

  • snippet provided by support team.
  • by swapping my wordpress to local language.
  • tanslatingsite using loco translate.

but i wasn’t able to do it with this specific thing - Screenshot - 66db22379311713f64640ecc645af2d5 - Gyazo

the link provided here is a link to the category section content still being ltr. can u provide a snippet to the additional css to fix it?

Sorry for the inconvenience, RTL is not something we offer in the theme yet because the theme has no built-in RTL styles. Switching all the layouts and elements to RTL is possible, but this requires CSS customizations - I recommend hiring someone on Fiverr for this (this is a fixed-price service, you can search for “rtl theme”) https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY

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