Scheduled tasks are not running

Scheduled tasks are not running. I already deactivated and activated Hivepress plugin. It doesn’t allow listings to expire. Please find attached an screenshot.

Steps to reproduce

See Scheduled tasks log

Actual result

Tasks are not running.

I have the same problem. It does not end the auction.

@arcadi I’ve already solved the problem. Are you by any chance forbidden to access IP addresses or .htpasswd? If so, you need to add the server’s IP address to the whitelist. For example

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from 111.222.333.444

Where 111.222.333.444 it’s your serwer IP

I think I’m not blocking any IPs. Where is that .htaccess located?

In the root directory of your wordpress installation.
And do you not get a page view after entering the password?

Try this code

order deny,allow
allow from all

My previous code was just an example of what to look for.

You can also try to install the plugin:

And see if it shows any error (tools tab)

Yes, this may be related to the cron requests being blocked, I found this article that may be useful The scheduler in my WordPress installation is not working – what should I do? - WP-Optimize

Thanks… Tried it with no luck… Actually the error is: ‘action failed via Async Request: Scheduled action for hivepress/v1/events/daily will not be executed as no callbacks are registered.’.

That’s what appears in the scheduled actions log, and then it is no run again.

Please check if the hourly task has the same errors in its log, the listing expiration callback uses the hourly task hivepress/class-listing.php at master · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub This task has attached callbacks for sure.

Seems the hourly task gets a timeout… I increased the timeout to 20000 seconds but I still get an error.

Please check if there are any entries in PHP error log regarding this, as suggested. For some reason the recurring task freezes or it’s not run at all.

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