Screen "jump" to the scroll

hello, it’s been a long time that we have a problem on the site in mobile version. When you scroll, the screen “jumps”. We have disabled the plugins (except the native hivepress, elementor and elementkit which we use without worries on other sites) but the problem persists.

A developer had told us that it came from new WP versions not compatible with the theme…

Steps to reproduce

scroll on mobile page

Actual result

screen “jump”

Expected result

screen stop jump

Extra details

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video of problem:
see video

url of site:
Capture d’écran 2023-01-03 071543

Thank you


We have checked this issue on our side, everything seems to be fine.

Please check this issue on the demo version of this theme and let me know if the problem exists.
Also, please check if this issue is displayed for unauthorized users or users without an admin role. Perhaps this issue is displayed only for admins.

Hi andrii, thank you for your answer. The problem is displayed without me being connected to an account… it’s strange that you had nothing, it happens on all the mobiles tested!

how can I use the listinghive theme in demo mode please?

when you scroll down it doesn’t jump too much, you have to rescroll up and wait for the screen to reposition itself like in my video. a few blows down then up


Please try to check this issue on our demo version, here is the link

hi, the problem does not exist on your demo version. Where could the problem come from? Bad Elementor setting?


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations for a moment (if there are any) and check if this issue persists.
Most likely there is a conflict with the Elementor.

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