Search all listings when "Display subcategories instead of listings" is checked

For our site, we have Categories (parent) and Subcategories (child). A listing is considered the grandchild in this example. As of now, when the “Display subcategories instead of listings” is checked, the subcategories/children don’t show. It goes from Category/parent to Listing/grandchild. Therefore, we have “Display subcategories instead of listings” unchecked for the Subcategories per the flow our our site.

I would like to request that the search feature search all listings, even when “Display subcategories instead of listings” is checked on any category. If a search term is found in any listing, that listing is shown/filtered.

Can we do it for the children? :slight_smile:

Sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding of this option - it’s used if you want to force users to select a subcategory before viewing any listings. It’s useful if subcategories have category-specific attributes and search filters.

For example, if there are Real Estate, For Sale, Jobs categories this option is useful, otherwise jobs, properties and items for sale would be listed within the same search page, and the filters form would have mixed search filters like Salary, Rent, Price together which wouldn’t make sense.

If you un-check the Display Subcategories option users can still filter listings by categories, on any levels (using the category filter in the page sidebar). Please check this option only if you want users to select a subcategory before searching or viewing any listings.

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