Search by booking date times out when trying to load the results, if the location and category search fields are left blank

The search by booking date times out when trying to load the results, if the location and category search fields are left blank.

Issues points.

  1. When we search just by dates, it takes for a very long time to get results and usually times out, if the location and category search fields are left blank.
  2. If we search by location and dates together its takes a long time but succeeds in loading (the same If we search by category and dates together)
  3. If we take the URL for the results for a search that was made with only dates (from a previously loaded url) and edit out from the URL the empty parts that it includes for the Category and Location slugs which is &latitude=&longitude=&_category=&s=&location=, then the date only search loads very quickly.
  4. When a date only search is done the URL includes the not needed empty slugs for the location and category, but if you remove the empty location and category slugs from the URL and you reload it, it loads very quickly.
  5. These issues started accruing after we finished creating around 12 live rental listings (and over 20 draft listings, and when I deleted 20 draft listings it helped a bit, but the issue is still occurring).

The things we did to try to resolve it.

  1. The original site was on a shared GCP server, but we copied the site over to a (4 cpu intel, 8gb memory) VPS server on Digital Ocean and disabled the other non hive plugins and got the same results.
  2. We then rebuilt the testing website from the ground up with just the Hive plugins & rental theme on the same new digital ocean VPS install and just imported over the listing and host data file from the original site, but still got the same results.
  3. We then installed a new wordpress deployed with only the hive plugins and rental theme, and this time didn’t have the hive geolocation plugin installed, and the same issue still occurred but this time editing the URL to take out the empty category part didn’t help.


Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue, and we’ll check it (please send only the link, without login and password). You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |


After disabling all third-party plugins, everything seems to work fine. Please note that we use the wp search function, so if you have a customized website with third-party web builders or have a lot of listings, you may have problems with optimization. Also, we recommend that you review the cache settings in more detail.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

This issue is still occurring in our 2nd testing environment we installed just the barebones of hive plugins and rental theme (without Elementor and optimization plugins). and the issue is still occurring. as described in the first message. (we gave access to this testing site and the other dev site in the email we sent)


Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this issue locally. Most likely, this issue is caused by a custom implementation of the theme, as it differs from the demo version. We recommend testing a clean version of this theme without your customizations and see if the issue still exists. If the issue is displayed on a clean version of the theme (which has just been imported), then it may be caused by your hosting provider.

The issue still occurs on a clean install on our Test subdomain as mentioned here (we built that test site with the original hive plugin and theme files and only brought in the listing data without anything else); please give the date search test on the test site we made for you which is a clean hive installation.

This issue is occurring on digital ocean VPS and on Site-Ground hosting. what other hosting companies should we try also?

We spent a good amount of hours testing different environments to make it easier and clearer for your end to find the issue and put the results in our first message, please read it through.

just posting here to keep the ticket active while support is still working on it

checking in on the status of this issue, I got an email from confirming the issue but haven’t heard back on a solution, or a temporary fix, or if this is getting resolved.

I’m sorry for the delay, please make sure that the access is active for another 24 hours, we will test this through in detail.

Hi, the access was set as active for a month.
was this looked into yet

Yes, sorry - this is a complex case and it requires detailed testing, our devs were busy lately. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, please make sure that the access is active and we’ll check this issue on Monday or earlier.

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