Search by Dates

How can I have search by date instead of Keywords? What do I need to have in consideration for this to work?

“Please make sure you have disabled time slots, multiple places per booking, and multiple bookings per time period in HivePress > Settings > Bookings > Guest and Time Slots sections.”

The Time slots is unchecked, so it should be disabled?
I do not have any plugin other than the HivePress recommended.


If you want to allow users to search listings by available date for booking, go to the HivePress > Settings > Listings > Default Fields section and select Dates.

If you don’t see the “Dates” option, please make sure that the “multiple bookings per time period” feature is disabled in the HivePress > Settings > Bookings section.

As a result, the Dates field will be displayed on the main search bar, and users will be able to filter listings by their availability.