Search daily listings that has one or more blocked dates among the search dates

Hello, I need support with the following situation.

I am using the bookings extension, and I have multiple listings for both daily and overnight bookings.

When I select multiple dates from the Listing Search Form, it doesn’t show the daily listings that has one or more blocked dates on the calendar among those search dates.

For example, I have a daily listing A with the following availability:

Aug 30: available
Aug 31: unavailable
Sep 1: available

and when I search dates between Aug 30 - Sep1, this daily listing A won’t appear in the search results.
In this case, I want daily listing A to show up for Aug 30 and Sep 1 availability.

Thanks for the detailed bug report, we’ll fix this in the next Bookings update - it’s planned for this weekend.

Sorry for the confusion, we re-tested this later and it doesn’t seem to be a bug, it’s rather a feature request for daily bookings. When users search for a date range, this doesn’t mean “listings for any of the dates included in the range” by default, this means “listings available for the selected range”, for example it works this way on Airbnb - if someone searches a date range this means that they want to book a listing for this range, so if there’s at least 1 blocked day within a range the listing is not displayed. If you mean adding the “any of the selected days” logic for 1-day listings and daily bookings enabled, we’ll consider adding this feature.


Yes, I would like to have this feature!

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