Search malfunction when categories is displayed instead of listings

When I select the Display categories instead of listings options in hivepress settings. If I search on the services page it does not bring the search results of the listings on the listings page instead it just reloads the page showing the same category blocks

I believe that when a keyword is searched it should redirect to the listings page showing the results of all the matching listings except a particular category is selected and a search is made within the category


Thank you for the detailed information.

It’s not a bug, it’s how the feature works. Nothing will be displayed until the user selects a category.

Ok thank you. How can I make it work the other way please ? Can you help me out ?


Please provide more details. What do you mean by the other way?

This feature works so that it shows categories instead of listings. First, you select the category you want to search and then perform the search (this is done in the case where the category has different filters than other categories).

I understand how it works now and it’s fine like that but in regards to the search bar at the top, I would prefer if it could act the way it acts in the home page.

If a keyword is searched I would prefer it search all categories and display the results from all categories…

However the categories icons can be used to search a particular category if clicked on as normal
Do you understand ?

Unfortunately it’s not possible because this option forces users to select a category before performing a search, it’s the option’s purpose. Please consider showing categories somewhere (e.g. on the homepage) instead, then users can click the category from the homepage, or click Listings and start searching all the listings regardless of the category.

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