Select multiple available dates in the calendar

How could I change the check-in attribute to select multiple individual days? Say a seller wants to make a listing but doesnt want to make it available for certain days, could I set it to where you select multiple days where the listing is available for booking on the calendar instead of a date range?? PS I am using this platform for a trip booking website so it is bookings per day and not per night.

Unfortunately there’s no such feature in HivePress Bookings yet, it’s more suitable for booking appointments, properties, rentals etc. where the calendar is fully available and some date ranges can be excluded. There are no tools for defining a pre-set list of booking start dates yet.

Okay, I can just block out the days that are not available. Is there a way to set an attribute of ‘Days Available’ and give the host a date range option instead of a ‘Check-In’ and ‘Check-out’ format where the host only has the option to select individual days for each?

Sorry, there’s no way to block all dates except selected ones at the moment - this would require a custom implementation, but thanks for your feedback - we’ll add features for the trip booking platforms where each listing has a specific set of dates with capacity. In the current version, the availability is managed for all dates in the calendar per listing.

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