Seller dashboard appearing on user account with no listings

Hi guys!

I was doing a test with a user account and clicked on button “List a Property”

When I went on user profile, a listing dashboard show without no listing created.

How I fix that?


Please make sure that this user has no vendor profile in WordPress/Vendors, and no draft or pending listings in WordPress/Listings. If this issue persists please send the steps to reproduce it, have you just clicked the List a Property button or have you also filled the Complete Profile or Add Details form there, is the listing moderation enabled, etc.

Hi @ihor
The same thing happens to me too, when a user clicks on add listings, after if he does not go on or leaves the page, he automatically becomes a vendor and the dashboard appears, I do not think this is correct.

Exactly! I checked and the user don’t have no listing and the dashboard keep show.

Thanks for reporting this, if it’s a bug we’ll fix it in the next Marketplace update. Please share more details about the issue, do you have the listing Moderation enabled on your site? Have you completed the Add Details form or just visited this page?

In my case:

Do you have the listing Moderation enabled on your site?

Have you completed the Add Details form or just visited this page?
Only visited the page.

I couldn’t reproduce this issue locally by visiting the Add Listing page, but you can help us to detect and fix this by sharing temporary WP access via email You can share a temporary password-less link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin | We will also try to debug this further locally.

Ok, Ihor!

I sent an e-mail with the link with temporary access. If you need anything else more, tell me.

I did what you asked and the plugin Woocommerce looks be in conflit. I desatived and I clicked on the button “List a Property” when I came back the homepage and went user account page the dashboard don’t show.

How we can fix this? Woocommerce it’s very important for my bussiness.

Thanks for the details, I received the credentials and will reply via email in a few minutes. Please never post the login credentials here, this forum is public so anyone could use them (I removed the login link).

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