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When I set a password for a seller despite this, his data are still displayed, they are obscured only if the setting is private, how can I solve it?


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you.

Within the attributes of the listings page, on the right the first box labeled public displays three options: public, private, password protected. If I set password protected and insert a password, I thought that in order to view the listing in question the user should have the password but I noticed that even if this box is enabled, the listing is still visible. maybe i’m doing something wrong? password protected does not mean that? Hey what exactly is this function for then if it doesn’t? I apologize but I’m not an expert user, in fact I’m a beginner, thanks for the reply

hi, is there any news?

I’m sorry for the delay, somehow the ticket got unpinned. Yes, it works this way for regular WordPress pages in WordPress/Pages and posts in WordPress/Posts but listing is a custom post type, with custom layouts implemented by the plugin so some of WordPress-specific options like this one may not be available. If you want to restrict access to viewing listings you can check some memberships plugins (or our Memberships extension), also there’s a snippet that redirects users from listing pages if they are not registered Hide the listing pages from non-registered users (redirect to login form) #hivepress #listings · GitHub

Thanks for your answer. I had already seen the possibility of installing a plugin that hides the advertiser’s data from me but unfortunately I can’t remember which one it is anymore, I saw it on one of the many videos on youtube and if you could tell me exactly which plugin it is, I’ll see buy it. Also I’m about to buy the Expert hive theme, maybe this theme already has this feature available? Hello and thanks


If you mean to hide an attribute, for example, a vendor’s phone number, then ask to buy a membership, then we recommend our extension Memberships - Charge users for viewing listings | HivePress Extensions

If you mean any other restrictions, we recommend using third-party plugins that support custom post types.

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