Send a personalized request for a vendor

Hello, I am using listinghive with marketplace. I’m trying to figure out if a vendor can setup a listing that can be selected for booking by a user, that once receiving the booking request the vendor can adjust the price dependent on what the total for that particular booking situation/service would be.

The only other solution I can come up with is using requests plugin to send a specific vendor the user is interested in a request, for the vendor to be able to send the estimate price? If this is a solution, is there a way to turn the general request posts off, and only post request to a specific vendor.


You can enable the Submission in HivePress > Settings > Requests feature, and then the Send Request button will be displayed on the vendor page, where you can send a personalized request.

My question ultimately is how can a vendor send a custom payment request to a user without creating a listing? Is this possible?

So, if a user requests a specific service that is a specific price, instead of a “general listing price” can the vendor send that specific price for that specific service to that user for payment? Or does the vendor need to create a “temporary” listing to achieve this?


Yes, it is possible, as I described above. You need to enable the Submission in HivePress > Settings > Requests feature, then the user can send personalized offers to the vendor without creating a listing.

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