Send messages only to admin

I’d like to know whether there is an option to configure the extension Messages to send the messages only to the admin email (or to other email specified in the settings).

So, for example if a vendor registers on the site and posts an ad and his email is user@gmail(dot)com, then another user interested in the listing (with email interesteduser@gmail(dot)com) registers on the site and sends him a message, instead of the email getting delivered to user@gmail(dot)com, it will get delivered to admin@domain(dot)com (or customemailset@gmail(dot)com).

And from there, the admin can message user@gmail(dot)com that there is a user with email X interested in his offer. The email interesteduser@gmail(dot)com or other contact details will be disclosed to user@gmail(dot)com only after he signs a contract for exclusive sale rights and negotiations of his property.

Do let me know how I can configure this.


P.S: Is it possible to add an additional field upon registration for adding a phone number? (on the register pop up box)

There’s no such feature at the moment, but thanks - we’ll consider adding it. It may be possible to send the same email for all the messages if you disable storing messages in HivePress/Settings/Messages section and use a code snippet to override the email parameters via hivepress/v1/emails/message_send (by changing the recipient ).

Thank you for this topic guys.

Yevhen, is it possible to elaborate more on this how it can be done.

Thanks a lot!

Here is an example of changing the recipient of the email. Please use the Code Snippets plugin to add and manage custom PHP code snippets Code Snippets – WordPress plugin |

	function( $args ) {
		$args['recipient'] = 'some email here';

		return $args;
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