Send users a reminder to pay for their listing again

I am not currently using now but am considering amd had a few questions…

With the paid listing extension, is there a way to send users a reminder to pay for their listing again (if, for example, it was featured for a yearly cost of x, time to renew). If so, if they don’t reup, it goes to basic listing? Also, if they start with a free add, is there a way for them to upgrade to a paid (featured) ad? is that a button they’ll see etc.? Thanks!!!


Unfortunately, this version doesn’t have a feature to send reminder messages.
The user will use the package with the most significant number of listings.

As soon as the user wants to publish a listing, he or she will be redirected to the package selection page and can choose the package that suits him or her (paid or free).

Also, after creating packages, you can create their page using this doc How to customize pages - HivePress Help Center, and the client can go there at any time and buy the package.

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