Sendinblue service does not work correctly

Hello, I installed WP Mail SMTP Lite on the site and connected Sendinblue. At first everything was fine, then all my messages from the Site Administrator, I no longer received a client simulation message, if a client tests sends a request, I receive nothing, neither on the server side, nor on the sundinblue side, is that normal? this is normal, because their FRENCH servers block external SMTPs and sindinblue does the same for WordPress (email) administrators, that the best thing is to stay on their own SMTPs and not use third-party tools to not be blocked.1 So what should I do?2 in addition, if I remove everything, it will have the wordpress logo right?3, it is complicated if a user registers and I do not receive a message, order, exchanges of messages between them. 3. There is even a user who wanted to register on the site, impossible to upload an image from his phone, why? he had registered with the option to become a seller without a product then contacted me, because I didn’t know he had registered, I had to look at all the accounts to see his registration, is that normal or not? This pissed him off and gave up trying to finish taking


WP Mail SMTP should work correctly, so it’s more likely that the problem is with the SendinBlue service or its configuration. Unfortunately, we can’t give you more details about this service because we are unfamiliar with it. We recommend you refer to the support for this service or its documentation. Also, please note that we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with third-party plugins or services, so some of them may require custom implementation and integration.

Hi andrii, ok thank you for your quick response, yes, I understand. I am linking the messages on the server side to also receive all the messages with Gmail, like this, I will be sure to receive. In 2 different places and without a redirector , indeed, I will also insist with sendinblue so that it stops if they can unblock my administrator mail.
merci beaucoup!!!

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