Seo Extension - Listings schema optimization

I was trying to add the Service Schema to my listings since they are essentially services (I’m using Taskhive).
I than tried to validate the schema through validator.
I get a warning for each tag added to the listing. The warning says that the property is not recognized.
Questions are:

  1. Is Service Schema suitable for listings or there is a better schema I can choose?
  2. If the Service Schema is suitable, do I have to delete all tags in order to google recognize the schema or it can work even if there are warnings?

Thanks in advance.

Please select the appropriate schema here This depends on the website niche, but the Service schema type seems to be ok. Please make sure that you mapped attributes to properties supported for this schema type, you can check the specs here Service - Type Then it should be validated without errors, it’s better to resolve these issues for proper SEO. HivePress SEO also adds some tags automatically, e.g. location or rating, depending on other extensions you have installed.

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Thank you, I didn’t realize that the attributes of listings could be set as properties of the schema :grinning:
Anyway my problem was due to listings tags.
Perhaps the Service Schema was not the best choice, since it doesn’t handle listing tags and I can’t map them through hivepress.
I tried the Product Schema and it looks much better because tags are recognized as keywords, which is an available property of this schema.
Now I have no errors and no warnings :+1:

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