SEO extension trouble? %token% doesn`t show

Hello there,

I have the seo extension and also I am using Yoast.

I created the schema for vendors, listing and request. But when checking the vendor page, listing I see the title like this:

Am i doing something wrong with the token? Why doesnt it get the correct data? This is the listing for example:

Please try to use %listing.title% instead in Meta Title setting in HivePress/Settings/Listings

It is required to use %listing.field_name% to get the value of the listing field

Hello @yevhen thank you. What about the vendor name, description? and request?

Please try to use the same solution for vendor and request


Hello @yevhen

is it possible to use the listing category for seo title?

I have tried %listing.category% but it doesnt show anything.

Thank you

Please try %listing.categories% instead.

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