Seo plugins dont find Listings titles and atributes

Its looks like Seo plugins Yoast and Aioseo dont find titles and Atributes as meta .
Both plugins show me “no content” in listing page , where have 10+ listings .

Please share more details about this issue, do you mean that the Listings page returns a 404 error? Any details, e.g. steps to reproduce this and the expected/actual result may help to detect and fix this.

When u go in inside wordpress page ( where seo for aioseo ) is settet , in page score map, when i use “use page content” ( page → no content find in this page , please add some content )

Yes, it’s the listing archive page so it has no content (like the blog post archive pages), but setting meta titles & descriptions for it should be available anyway. Please let me know if this issue persists with Rank Math.

Im downloading RankMath + i will purche Seo plugin for shema and will bring u answer back in few days :slight_smile:

Okay i buy the Seo plugin , but now im wonder wich shema markup i need to set ?
Can u provide me with some help ?
My website contain pets, vet , grooming centar , hotels and more … That i want from Shema is to display the category, breed(atribute, wich create new pages) and location .

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Please try choosing the appropriate Schema from these specs We also plan to add per-category schemas if your site contains different types of services or products.

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