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I’m creating a website which combines AirBnB, Apartment Rental, and Houses for Sale. It works great for both AirBnB and Apartment Rental but I’m having a bit of difficulty understanding how to list Houses for Sale.
I understand that by creating Attributes I can create all kinds of fields that can be shown on the site. The problem is that when someone clicks to see a House for Sale the listing shows a Booking button. If a prospective client clicks on the booking button it is taken to the same screen as booking a rental. Need assistance in setting this properly.
My next question is again regarding “Attributes”. Is there a way to organize attributes on the back end that is in some way that makes sense? Right now all the attributes are mixed and there is no way to order them so the person doing the data entry can just go down and select what they need.
Lastly, and also related to the above, Can attributes for Rental be separated from Sales? Meaning that if I entering a Real Estate listing (for sale), I don’t want to see the attributes for rentals and vice versa.

Your valuable input is greatly appreciated.


  1. Yes, it’s possible if you restrict bookings to specific listing categories, you can do this in HivePress/Settings/Bookings.

  2. Please click Quick Edit on any attribute, there’s an Order field where you can set a custom number, ordering attributes this way.

  3. Yes, you can do this by editing an attribute and assigning it to specific listing categories, this way you can add category-specific fields and search filters for listings.

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