Seperate signup flow for vendors

Hi, I would like to set it up so vendors have a completely different flow compared to users. Currently there’s a lot of “optionals” on the signup flow and it can time a long time to navigate. How can i set it up so when they click “list a service” its just name, photo, and one listing, maybe availability.
And for users allow them to fill out a post then register at the end of the process if they dont have an account.

Unfortunately, there is no such option and this would break registration for regular users (all users would have to register as a vendor). If someone accidentally registers via the regular registration form they can always create a vendor profile via the same /register-vendor URL, in this case, the first step (Login/Registration) will be simply skipped and the Complete Profile step will appear. So any regular user can upgrade to become a vendor anytime, e.g. you can add the /register-vendor URL to the main menu with a label like “Become a Vendor”.

im not quite sure i understand what you’re saying

Please share more details about this issue, what do you mean about users filling out a post? If you mean listings then unfortunately there’s no solution to this because in HivePress any user adding a listing becomes a vendor (the vendor profile is displayed in the listing sidebar).
Bu default regular users are those searching for listings, while vendors are those users adding listings.

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