Service fees are incorrectly calculated for hosts

Hey Hive Team,

The service fee is showing up in the total amount that the host will get.

The total to represent the correct amount that they will receive minus the service fee applied to only the user. This is misleading to the host’s on the website and can cause confusion, Is there a quick fix for this?

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By default, the service fee is not shown to the host as per the expected functioning. If I have not fully understood your concern, kindly provide me with further information so that I can assist you better.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Is this correct?

I set the service fee to 20% for users & 0 for hosts. My understanding is that the service fee should charged from the user and not added to the total for the host.

The service fee should go to the site & not be seen by the host in their dashboard totals.

Is there a function that I can enable or disable to prevent this?


Please note that this is a display of vendor revenue, not profit. This information is not displayed in the vendor’s profit. It is possible to hide this information, but it will require a custom implementation. But thanks for your feedback; we will try to improve the UI/UX in the next updates.

Hello, it doesnt make sense to show the total revenue to the vendor, is there anyway to hide it, or to equalize it with the Balance/profit?


Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this, it requires a custom implementation.

The issue at hand is that hosts will think they are going to receive more than what’s truly being paid out. What’s the process for custom implementation?


Please note that the account turnover includes even refunds, which is part of the statistics. The vendor should expect payment only based on his balance. As a workaround, you can change the Revenue to a more appropriate string using Loco Translate.

Alternatively, you can send your proposal via this link, and we will estimate the implementation Request a Quote

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