Set different attributes for different categories

Hi there!

On my page I want to add different kind of listings.

Events: An event has just one date when the event is happening and that’s it. For example on 1st September Music Event.

Recurring Events: A recurring event would be something like Yoga class every Monday.

These informations could be added with attributes.

When the user is submitting a new listing, is there a way to let the user choose between Event or Recurring Event and then only show the corresponding attributes that are necessary for the specific type? If this is not possible, is it possible to have different submission forms, one for Events and one for Recurring Events?

If not, this is a feature request. Basically like AirBnB, because when you submit a Rental or an Experience, they are different and require different informations.

Thank you.

Please try to create two categories Events and Recurring Events. Then please try to add listing attributes in Listings/Attributes and assign each attribute to a category where you want to use this attribute. So if you choose Events as the category for some attribute then this attribute will be used only for listings in the category Events

Wow. Thank you!

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