Set different hourly pricing based upon certain days or dates?

I searched for this solution and it appears that maybe it is only available for days, not hourly pricing.

Is it possible to set different hourly pricing based upon dates or days of the week? So as an example, the hourly price for renting out an event space would be $40 per hour on a Tuesday night, but $400 per hour on a a Saturday night.

I have marketplace and bookings enabled. Thanks in advance.

Hi! Yes you can change the pricing in the calendar!

You have to first highlight the hours you would like to in the calendar, then a icon will appear in the top left hand side. Click on this icon (change price), and a price change menu will pop up.

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Also, please make sure that Marketplace extension along with WooCommerce plugin are installed and activated, and enable variable pricing in HivePress/Settings/Bookings.

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I see that the edit is on the individual calendar page - thank you! When I add a new price, it does not show up on the front-end as a person booking the time. Is there another setting that needs to be changed?

It should change the price when the user picks that date and time that u changed in calendar. I don’t think it displays anywhere else.

But i havent tested it yet myself in my site.

Sorry for the confusion, I checked again and variable pricing is not available for time slots yet, only for day-based bookings. This is a temporary limitation and we’ll try to add this to the next Bookings update.


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