Set restrictions for specific months or seasons

I have a summer beach house. In the summer months, I want a 7-day booking window. From October to February I want a 2-day booking window and for the remainder, I want a three-day booking window. Airbnb allows you to have two overrides in their calendar for special seasons.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to make the booking restrictions more precise depending on the calendar month or season.

Has anyone else had a similar request? For people with seasonal homes (ski house or beach house). They really need the flexibility to cover the exception months. In my slow season, I have to offer a two-night minimum because people only want to come on the weekends, but in the summer, people want to stay the entire week at the beach.

There were no requests for season-specific restrictions previously, but there were for seasonal prices, if you have Marketplace this one is already available. We’ll try to add more precision to booking restriction options in the upcoming updates.