Set Search Alerts for new Requests


Can search alerts functionality be enabled also for new Requests that are posted?


There’s no such feature at the moment, but it’s on the roadmap (we plan to add Geolocation and Search Alerts support for requests in the same way as for listings).

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Nice! Thank you for the fast reply! Do you have also an ETA related to the features?
Also I remember last week that you mentioned an update for requests to be edited/removed by users. Will this pe expected this week?

Many thanks!

There’s no specific ETA but we have a queue of updates Screenshot by Lightshot Those marked in red are 90% complete and are just waiting for a code review. Users can already delete their requests, but requests can’t be edited yet (to prevent changing the request terms after the payment is made - we’ll try to find a solution for this).

I am interested more in the ones that are placing the offers to be able to remove their own offer, or for the requestor to be able to remove them. Thanks!

Yes, the ability to remove offers (in addition to requests) is planned for the next Requests version, it’ll be available next week max.

Hi Ihor! Any updates on the removing offers functionality? Will both the requestor and user that makes the offer be able to remove? How is it working? Thanks!

Hi Ihor! Is the update expected soon? I am really looking forward for the requestors and also bidders to be able to remove the bids/replies.


Yes, Requests is the next extension in the update queue, so it should be available this weekend (we had to make the HivePress update first to support category-specific attributes for requests).

I agree. This feature is most def needed. Looking forward to when this is available. Is it also possible for requests to be listed in categories…this would be helpful.

Both features (search alerts & geolocation support for requests) are now available, please let me know if you notice any issues.