Setting up Social Login

I just bought the extension and tried to activate it, but i receive this error when I try to log in:
Error 401: invalid_client The OAuth client was not found.
Where do I find Client ID and Client Secret to put inside the integration’s tab?
I tried to put 123456789 like in the video, but it doesn’t work.

Steps to reproduce

Trying to login with Google, Facebook or Linkedin.

Actual result

Error 401

Expected result

Log in

My website is this one:
But I have to deactivate the plug in for now

Each enabled login method requires its own API credentials in HivePress/Settings/Integrations section, random numbers will not work in this case. For example, if you enabled Google please create new OAuth credentials in their API console (e.g. you can follow this tutorial How to get Google Client ID and Client Secret?) and set the Client ID and other credentials in the Google section in HivePress/Settings/Integrations. Make sure to copy the Redirect URI in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration section and set it in the OAuth settings.

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You can also follow this tutorial for Facebook How to get a Facebook application id and secret key in 2022?

Ok, Google login seems to work :grin:
I set this redirect uri ‘ account/authenticate/’
Later i will also try facebook.
Thank you very much

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