Settings of personal account

Now in the settings of personal account all fields are optional.

  1. Can some fields be made mandatory?
  2. Is it possible to add the phone number field (optional/required)?
  1. Yes, here is an example of the code snippet which makes profile image, first name, last name, and profile info fields required. In this way, it is possible to make required other profile fields.
// Required fields on a user account
	function( $form ) {
		$form['fields']['image']['required'] = true;
		$form['fields']['first_name']['required'] = true;
		$form['fields']['last_name']['required'] = true;
		$form['fields']['description']['required'] = true;
		return $form;
  1. There is no such option by default, but you can try using some plugin for adding a Phone field to user profiles in the WordPress/Users section. If it is a vendor profile, then you can add the vendor attribute Phone
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