Show a list of checkboxes in columns

hello, would it be possible to include in the next updates a simple thing… present the selections fields of the listing addition form in columns as soon as they are more than 5.

It’s not aesthetic at all.


Thanks, we’ll try to improve the Checkboxes field UX. Please consider using Select as a temporary solution (with Multiple option checked), when there are many items there’s a search field and it doesn’t take much vertical space.

Ok that’s super.

For the “select” field, this is what was in place before… but many shops told me that it was not practical because they could not see all the options directly and that the field is closed after each selections.

So I had to put checkboxes…

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Hi, And I’d like to add, that not all users know how to make multiple selection in a select control, and less idea about doing it on mobile…

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