Show in stats the order amount and not direct payment amount

The vendor sees in the stats the amount of the direct payment made, also in bookings page and also user see on orders made page the amount of the direct payment. Is it possible to make the total amount of the order visible for the vendor and user instead of only the direct payment?


  1. After order received there is 2 email sent one from woocommerce and one from hivepress, the vendor and the user both of them received email from woocommerce and hivepress. how can I cancel woocommerce emails and send only hivepress emails?
  1. Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., screenshots with description). On the order page, vendors and users see the order amount without taxes or additional fees, which is set in the Subtotal row

  2. Please check this tutorial on how to disable WooCoommerce emails How to disable WooCommerce emails (notifications) - ShopMagic Docs

I can’t show screenshots because it’s on diffrent curreny and language you will not understand.
Ok so first, let’s say listing cost 100$, and the sells fee is 10%. so 10$ to pay for the website fee and 90$ pay for the vendor.

  1. for the buyer in account>orders>total>show only 10$ (the fee amount - the total amount).
    It should show the subtotal amount (100$).
  2. And the same for vendor. when vendor go to account>received orders it show the fee amount 10$ (total amount paid) and not the subtotal amount.

And on every place that show the order total amount it shows the amount of commision fee total amount.

You can see it on the following pages:

  1. /account/vendor/orders/
  2. /account/vendor/dashboard/
  3. /orders/orders/

It seems like the Direct payout system is set up on your website. Please note if the Direct payout system is selected, customers pay the commission only, and the rest can be paid, for example, in person or directly. In this case, the total of the order is only the sum that depends on the commission, which is set in the Commission Rate setting or/and Commission Fee setting in HivePress/Settings/Vendor

But if you want to show subtotal (which is the price without taxes and fees) instead of the total of the order, then it is possible, but it requires advanced customization.

To show the subtotal for the vendor orders account page, please try to override the /plugins/hivepress-marketplace/templates/order/edit/block/order-total.php file via a child theme. Here is a tutorial on how to customize templates Customizing Templates I HivePress Developer Docs - YouTube

To show the subtotal for the user orders account page, please try to override the /plugins/woocommerce/templates/myaccount/orders.php file. Here is a tutorial on how to override WooCommerce template files Template structure & Overriding templates via a theme - WooCommerce

If you are not familiar with the code customization then please consider hiring someone for custom work

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