Show subcategories instead of listings

I’ve seen several threads covering this topic but haven’t seen a fix quite yet so I wanted to see how far along this feature is.

The feature would be having a drop down tiered menu of the categories and the following drop down menu have a secondary drop down menu for the subcategories in the category selected from the previous drop down.

Another feature I would like to ask about is if there is a way to create pages after you click on the main categories on the home page that encompass and display the subcategories of that main category in the same fashion as the main categories are displayed on the home page. Such as how they have the picture and then a short worded description, after clicking on the main category it would bring you to a page with all the subcategories displayed similarly with pictures and a description and the viewer could then click on which subcategory they wanted to view and it would pull up all the listings in that subcategory.


  1. Thanks for your feedback - we plan this improvement. You can also enable the old Select Category page with this snippet Enable the Select Category page (deprecated) in the Add Listing process #hivepress #listings · GitHub
  2. Yes, it’s possible if you edit a category and check the “Display subcategories instead of listings” option. Then, users will see the category grid instead of listings and have to select a subcategory on this category page.
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Okay that worked as far as having the sub categories, but now the problem is when clicking on the sub category, it says it has one listing but no listings pop up after clicking on it. How can I get the listings for that subcategory to show?

Please make sure that you checked this option for the category only, because if you check this for subcategories and they don’t have subcategories there will be an empty page (if you leave this option unchecked then listings will be displayed as usual).

I can see the subcategories, the problem is that when I click on a subcategory there are no listings showing up for it, even though I have listings under that subcategory.

Please edit this subcategory in Listings/Categories and make sure that it has the “Display subcategories…” option unchecked. If so you can also try disabling third-party plugins, this may be a caching issue.

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