Showing calendar in the listing submission process

Hello!! Is there a way to move the adding the calendar dates availability to an easier location?? I’m afraid my vendors will forget to go into their dashboard->listing->listing calendar to create their availabilities after making the listing and getting it approved. If that happens, it’s possible for clients to book dates that aren’t actually available because the vendors hasn’t gotten into the calendar yet to make the appropriate available dates. I had two ideas to hopefully make this possible.

  1. Add the calendar directly into the create a listing page (as it is on the Wordpress backend) that way the vendor adds the availabilities when making the original listing.
  2. After the create a listing page, instead of clicking a “submit a listing” button, you change that button to go the that listings calendar, and then again the vendor can add the appropriate availabilities immediately upon creation of the listing, once done adding the available dates on the calendar, there would be the “submit a listing” button there.


Unfrtunately there’s no easy way to turn the calendar into one of the steps of the listing submission process because the calendar requires at least 1 available listing (blocked/unblocked date ranges are always assigned to some listing ID), but we’ll try to improve the calendar UX. If you don’t have moderation enabled it may be possible to set a redirect after the first listing is published, or if you have moderation you can add this reminder to the Listing Approved email.

Hope this helps.

I understand. Is there anyway to hold the listing from being published completely until the calendar has been edited/accepted on the vendor end after being approved by me/admin?? I just forsee an issue with me approving a listing and the vendor not seeing it or not having time to adjust the calendar for availabilities and some bookings occur on dates that arent available and then causing headaches for me and the vendor trying to refund the money.

I recommend overriding some of the listing submission pages via HivePress/Templates and/or the Listing Approved email, reminding the vendor that they should define the availability as soon as possible. There may be also a code snippet for switching the approved listings to draft, so vendors will have to unhide them manually.

That code snippet would work perfect! That way I could ensure no unwanted bookings are made and the vendor must manually do a review/manage availabilities before it is published.

Any update on this snippet?

Good day, sorry for the delay. Here is a code snippet for updating the listing status to draft.

	function( $post_id, $new_status, $old_status) {
		if ($old_status == 'pending' && $new_status == 'publish') {
				'ID'    =>  $post_id,
				'post_status'   =>  'draft'

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