Snippets not uploading and not saving if edited

We have encounted a problem today.
When we try to edit a snippet, the edit does not save and the snippet reverts back to what it was originally.
In addition if we try to upload a new snippet, it does not save.
We have been through the usual process of turning off plugins, refreshing pages, contacting our host to make sure that we have not exceded PHP etc.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


If you are using the Code Snippet plugin, I recommend checking their documentation or contacting their support, as we provide support for HivePress products exclusively.

We found a fix for this problem.
It looks like the Code Snippets Pro plugin does not allow any editing of the snippets.
So this is the process you need to follow:
Export the snippets to PC. Do this one by one so that you download seperate files onto your PC for each snippet.
Turn all snippets off.
Go to the plugin settings and on the General page tick the box beside Complete Uninstall.
On the wordpress plugins page delete the plugin.
Clear the website cache.
Reinstall the plugin.
Now for any snippet that you want to edit, go to your downloaded files on your PC and open the snippet file. Open it in Notepad.
Edit the snippet in Notepad and save.
Now import your files to the plugin and turn the snippets back on.

Note. If you try to do this quickly and export all snippets as one file and then import back into the plugin as a single file, you may come across errors.


Unfortunately, we are not quite familiar with this plugin, but we use this Code Snippets – WordPress plugin | plugin and there are no such problems

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