Social login extension not working

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Your “social login” extension is not working.
I bought a full package of extensions from you but one “social login” extension has no documentation.
Plus, it just doesn’t work.

I tried to set up Facebook login, but it is not possible to login with your extension because Facebook is blocking login from your plugin.
I checked the performance of the Facebook keys with another plugin from the Wordpress repository and the Facebook keys with the plugin from the repository work fine, but not with yours.

Please fix the problem with the plugin or configure it.
In case of refusal to support your paid product or ignoring my request, please refund me the money that I spent on your low-quality product. If the question is ignored, I will contact PayPal support with a request for a refund for a defective and non-working product.

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Please copy the redirect URL in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration, and add it as an allowed redirect URL in the Facebook app settings you created, then this issue should be resolved - here’s a related topic The social logging is not working The redirect URL is required for OAuth apps so they know which URL should accept the details of the user after they give consent to share them via the social platform.

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