Social login not working

I bought the extension *social-login two days ago and I’ve been trying to get it to work but I can’t. I’ve watched and read anything I can get my hands on but still no luck.
What is receive when I try to login:

Access blocked: This app’s request is invalid
You can’t sign in because this app sent an invalid request. You can try again later or contact the developer about this issue. Learn more about this error
If you are a developer of this app, see error details.
Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch


Please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, ensure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

Also, please ensure you set up login methods correctly, you can check this doc How to enable login methods - HivePress Help Center.
If you mean Facebook, you need to specify the site domain in the App Domains settings, copy the redirect URL from HivePress > Settings > Users, and specify it in the Facebook App. For more detailed instructions, I recommend you to refer to their documentation Facebook Login | Facebook for Developers

I hope this is helpful to you.

I still cant get it to work
What is receive when I try to login:

Sorry, something went wrong.

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

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Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you get).

I have the same problem.

Prístup je blokovaný: požiadavka tejto aplikácie je neplatná
Nemôžete sa prihlásiť, pretože táto aplikácia odoslala neplatnú žiadosť. Môžete to skúsiť neskôr alebo v súvislosti s týmto problémom kontaktovať vývojára. Ďalšie informácie o tejto chybe
Ak ste vývojár tejto aplikácie, prečítajte si podrobnosti o chybe.
Chyba 400: redirect_uri_mismatch


Please check the solution in this topic Social Login for Google Does Not Work Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch - #5 by andrii

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