Sorthcode for the booking make form

Hello, I would like this: wp:hivepress/booking-make-form
to place this form inside a dropdown tab, but I can’t find the right shortcode
Is it possible?
Thank you!!!

There is no shortcode but it is possible to customize the listing template with the HivePress/Templates feature. If you choose the Listing template here then there is the possibility to add a booking form and customize its position on the page. Here is a tutorial about HivePress/Templates Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

I am using the Easy Accordion plugin, and I would like to display the booking form inside an accordeon,

If this plugin adds some accordion Gutenberg block which can contain other blocks then it is possible to do this with HivePress/Templates as described above. In other cases there’s no simple solution for this, it would require a custom implementation. If customizations beyond the available features are required for your site, please consider hiring someone for custom work

Ok thanks Yevhen

I have been able to display it inside the accordeon, but I can’t find the Boking make form + listing_attributes_primary html code to insert it inside the accordion

I’m trying to integrate this snippet into the Accordion snippet, but it doesn’t show anything:

<form class="hp-form--booking-make"> </form></form>

Please make sure that you have created a template in HivePress/Template and that you have chosen Listing as a template. If the HivePress Bookings extension is activated on your website then the booking make form and attributes primary (it always appears as Gutenberg block in Listing template) will appear as Gutenberg blocks when you edit Listing template in HivePress/Templates

As you say there is no problem, but I want to hide the make booking form block inside an accordeon, to prevent the user from scrolling so much inside the listing page

I have used the element inspector to copy the html of the make booking form and insert it into the accordeon, but I have copied the code from an example listing, and it collects all the parameters of the example (Extras, hours, etc)

I need to know what the html code of the make-booking-form is to insert it into the accordion on the listing page

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but customizations are beyond our support scope. There’s no accordion layout option for the booking form in the theme, this would require customizations - we can provide some guidance and describe the possible ways to do this if this helps, but we can’t implement and debug this for you as a part of the theme license. We often suggest solutions and post custom snippets if they resolve some common issues though, e.g. temporary fixes before the official release.

Thank you for your time, if you would be so kind if you could guide me with the steps to follow to find more information, thank you,
I am using the Easy Accordion plugin, i need code html booking make form block for show inside Easy accordion plugin

There’s no way to copy the form HTML because this would be static HTML that would be the same for all listings, it would not work (since each listing has its own blocked dates, ID and other details). If this accordion has a shortcode, it may be possible to wrap the form with a code snippet, also if it has the editor block you can rebuild the listing page in HivePress/Templates section.

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