Special price in the calendar

on the iPhone and iPad it is not possible to change a special price in the calendar of the announcement.
When you select the price tag icon, the window where you enter the new price does not appear. But on the computer it does allow me to do so.

Please try to hold on to the date to select it. It is needed on mobile to avoid date clicking on page scroll on mobile

I’m sorry, Yevhen, but I don’t understand what you want to tell me.

What I’m telling you is that I publish an ad specifying days, time and price. On the computer I enter the ad calendar and I can edit a price and change it on a selected date, but on my mobile it does not allow me to change the price of a cell in the calendar. The price window does not come out.

I tap on the date but the box is not selected.

Please try holding the tap a little bit more, then the dates should be selected. It works this way on mobile to differentiate the date selection and scrolling (otherwise dates would be selected on scrolling), this is how the calendar script we’re using (Fullcalendar) works. If you tap and hold, the dates should be highlighted.

ihor I have tried it and it doesn’t work

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