Splitting payments

Hi, Hivepress works great, I’m implementing stripe for payments. Everything seems to work but I have a some difficulties to understand something.
The thing is:
When someone books somethinhg, (for refound policy) i want that MY SITE blocks money for a period (one week after the end of the booking) and than money goes ONE PART INSINDE MY BANK ACCOUNT and an other part in the BANK ACCOUNT OF THE PERSON WHO MADE THE LISTING.
Do I have to do this operation manually?
In case of a dispute order, stripe always asks for commissions?
Any integrations with PayPal?
Any examples or idea more?
Hope I explained well! Thanks!

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Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.

All payments are first sent to the site owner via WooCommerce, or directly via Stripe Connect (if it is configured as a payout method). And depending on the selected payout method, they are sent to users.

PayPal is planned for the next updates and will work like Stipe Connect.

Ok… Well It’s two days I’m trying to figure out how implementation works in stripe. And I signed in stripe connect for everything. I setted up the account of stripe connect for manage payment and stuff.

When I test payments, they are shown into my woocommerce area in wordpress but not shown inside stripe dashboard.

  1. I installed payment plugin for stripe WooCommerce and WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway. And put the test key inside woocommerce general Settings and inside the stripe setting plugin. Still not seeing money flows.
    I don’t know why, maybe should pass some days, but I can go forwoard with stripe? (If yes I tried in Billing, Test Clock (but nothing))

  2. And also the point of splitting payments.
    Assumed I find a programmer who wants to help me in producing lines of code for stripe implementation, how the money pass from my wordpress site to my stripe and continue flowing inside stripe?

  3. Basicly I saw on stripe that it is possible to split payments, but only inside stripe connect and inside stripe links that Hivepress plugin don’t generate (like stripe wants? I don’t know if I had a good explaination).

  4. At this time I think that it is useless do a stripe Connect account?

Okay. The biggest question and the shortest one:

  1. How I have to manage payments?

  2. People pays me and how I pay the people that have listings?

  3. How everything’ll work in a “workable” way? (For workable I mean a way in witch I can take data and pay people or do things for make my site working).

That’s all I mean. I used numbers for identfy questions so you can reply in a better way. Hope you understand my problem.

  1. Please make sure that you set up your Stripe Standard credentials in WooCommerce settings, since this gateway is used for accepting initial payments from customers. Payments made via WooCommerce Stripe should appear in your Stripe standard account in any case, even without HivePress.

  2. Money are never kept in the website, it just records which orders were made, all the payments are processed by the payment services like Stripe (or other gateways that you enabled in WooCommerce).

  3. Unfortunately there’s no such feature yet, all the initial payments are sent to you in any case (via the gateways you set up in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments) and then it depends on which payout mode you choose to send vendors their earnings.

  4. You can start with Manual payouts instead, this is the easiest way especially if there are not many vendors yet. You can simply accept payout requests this way and send payments manually when vendors request their earnings to be paid out.

  5. You have to set up payment gateways in WooCommerce, this depends on your choice. Customers will pay via these gateways and all the initial payments will be sent to you (e.g. via Stripe and/or PayPal, or other gateways you set up.

  6. If you choose manual payouts, vendors will have some non-zero balance displayed on your site if they have at least 1 completed order. Then they can request a payout via the payout form, it’s like a simple contact form for asking the site admin to send the balance amount via the vendor’s preferred payment method (this also depends on which methods you offer). Then you can check these requests one by one and send payments to vendors manually, marking requests as completed (by removing Pending status). You can also follow some schedule depending on your site terms, e.g. marketplaces I’ve worked with process payouts on 15th of the following month (this also gives at least 2-week delay for possible refunds before you send money to sellers).

  7. Please check the docs regarding payouts Search results for payouts | HivePress Help Center and let me know if there are any questions.

Ok! Understood! So i canceled stripe and setted WooCommerce payments. At this point stripe it’s only a waste of time (since you can’t use 100% connect). I’ll write a post on the new features requests explaining my thounghts about the payput and stuff! Thanks!

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