Statistic Plugin won‘t Work

I purchased and installed the statistics Plugin without any problem.
The statistics tabs is also shown in the user profile. But there ist no count.
I tried it with diferent devices, but the stats on the listing is always 0.

I deaktivated all other Plugins except the Plugins from WooCommerce and HivePress, but also no Counting.

Is there a way (e.g. in the Database) to check, if there is anything recorded?
Or are there some 3 Party Plugins Know causing issues? Or could it be a missconfiguration? (But there ist nothing to configurate)

Please make sure that you linked your site with Google Analytics as shown on this screencast How to integrate Google Analytics - HivePress Help Center If you follow it step by step then the stats should appear within 24 hours or less.

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Well, now it worked.
As so often, the fault was in front of the keybord. Thank you.

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