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It seems that Google Analytics has changed. Your video does not match what happens in G Analytics. I have created a property but it does not give a UA number anymore. It gives a G number as a measurement ID and then a different streaming ID. I can’t find a Tracking ID or View ID.

I tried putting the Measurement ID as the Tracking ID and the Streaming at the View ID and vise versa. Then when I click grant access it gives me a 403 error.

I was also confused with video, because it is not updated. However, I was able to figure it out.

Google analytics is updating to version 4, “Google Analytics 4” . But you can still use version 3, the Universal Analytics “UA”, as shown on video. Note that it will be discontinued some time next year.

This is how you find it:

When creating your account (you can reach it by going to admin), click on the button that says “show advanced options”, then look at Create a Universal Analytics property, on the right side (it is hard to see), but you will find a switch to change it to UA.

Hope this helps.

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When creating an account on Analytics

  1. Account set up
  2. Property set up (this is were you find the “show advance options” button

Thank you. I just tried it with the Advanced settings. I found the correct numbers and followed the rest of the video. However, I am still getting the 403 Forbidden Error. Maybe I need to wait 24 hours?

The Statistics tab should show when you click on one of your listings, on the front end while logged in.

I figured out that if you run both the social login extension and the statistics it does work. All you have to do is add a second URI under the same Authorized redirect URIs section.

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This extension supports v3 (Universal) analytics at the moment, there’s no v4 support yet but we’re working on it. Please try adding a universal analytics property for the Statistics extension, then it’ll have the tracking ID, view ID and other credentials as shown on the screencast in the Statistics docs How to Create a Universal Analytics Property (when GA4 is the default)?

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