Stripe connect issue

Hi i have set up a stripe account and set its test API in hive press as instructed in the guide.

I’m set up in test mode. I set up a test (fake) express account for the one vendor. I then purchased a listing using the stripe test numbers and then marked it as complete in the buyers dashboard.

However when i go into the stripe dashboard and click on the connected accounts. It doesnt say anything about payments but show an error with the same date and time i marked the work as complete. I’m really confused, any guidance would be really appreciated.

Also does stripe connect know automatically how much commission you take from each vendor (because mine are all on an individual basis) or do i need to somehow set this up in the stripe account manually?


Most likely, you do not have the API configured correctly since error 400 is displayed. I recommend reviewing your settings using the Stripe documentation How to enable automated payouts - HivePress Help Center
Yes, part of the vendor’s funds is automatically transferred depending on the commission you have set up.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Yes thank you, I realised that I didn’t have the stripe gateway plugin connected.

I’m just curious does it matter if we use standard accounts or does it need to be express accounts?

Also on a side note, when vendors purchase listings to post job or featured listings ( purchases that are directly linked to website and not linked to jobs that are waiting to be completed) the orders in the vendors dashboard say pending till vendor clicks completed. I feel this is unnecessary and a little confusing and should only be reserved for users that have purchased a service.


If you are using Stripe Connect for payouts, then only vendors will have Stripe express accounts, and to accept payments on your website, you need to set up the Stripe payment gateway, and there you need to use Stripe Connect as the main account of the website owner.

Regarding the complete button, if you use the Marketplace and additionally monetize through Paid Listings, all options that are enabled in the Marketplace settings will be displayed in orders. As a workaround, you can configure the Completion Period in HivePress > Settings > Orders, then orders are completed automatically. Please note that the Paid Listings package is added even if the order already has a processing status.

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Hi Andrii,

Sorry i meant do vendors need to set up express accounts or will standard accounts also work? it’s just i noticed that the fee’s are alot higher with express accounts.


If you are referring to Stripe Connect, then registration on the part of the vendor is required only in express account; otherwise, unfortunately, it will not work.

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Thanks for clearing that up andrii :+1:t2:

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One thing I forgot to ask was I want to use the stripe identity verification.

How can I do this as part of the onboarding process? Is there any guidance/ tutorials on this, im abit lost at the moment.


Unfortunately, we are not familiar with this verification, but most likely you will need a custom integration to make everything work correctly.

thank you, perhaps for now i will just send them a verification link manually.

In stripe’s express settings I want to change the settings from united states to UK where it says ‘express are enabled in’ (see pic).

So i clicked on manage and changed it, however whenever i go back to settings it still says ‘united states’. I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem?


Unfortunately, we are very familiar with the detailed settings of Stripe, so I recommend reviewing their documentation or contacting their support.

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