Stripe Connect No funds

Hi, i have a problem with the stripe connect in hivepress, when I make a test in the sandbox of stripe, and that my salesman has well configured his account stripe, I make a purchase, for example 100€, I will receive them well on my account stripe, but the connected account him, receives nothing, there is an error:


The problem is that when I try to reload the funds with the money I had via the previous transaction, I can not, stripe tells me that my profile of the platform is not approved, but I do not understand how approved. In addition, normally the commission is not automatically transferred to the seller? Because in the previous case it means that I have to add funds all the time on my accounts connected?

Can you help me please ?
Thanks in advance!

I thinks the probleme came of the “source_transaction” in the Stripe Integration

Please check this topic Understanding Connect account balances | Stripe Documentation

Generally, it takes two days in average until the payment will be available on your main Stripe account balance. Then it makes transfer/payout to the connected account if the balance of your main account was empty before

About the problem with the approvement of the account, please ask the Stripe support

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