Stripe Connect transaction delay


I have a question
I use hivepress and stripe connect
In the Hivepress settings, I have programmed that all orders are completed within 24 hours.
Except that the problem is that the customer’s money doesn’t arrive in my stripe account for 7 days!
In Stripe TEST mode, here’s how it works :

I receive the customer’s payment on stripe
Then I have stripe fees linked to the stripe payment, as in test mode I have money on my balance, so Stripe takes this money directly to send it to the connect account directly. and the customer’s money is returned to me a few days later.
So I don’t have to provide anything to Stripe, everything is automated,

Now with a real stripe account, that’s the problem!

However, as I have programmed the orders to be completed after 24 hours, but in the meantime the customer’s money has not yet arrived at stripe because the deadline is 7 days…
So when the order is completed, direct Hivepress sends the transaction id to stripe to try to take the customer’s money, which arrives 7 days later…
I’d like to know! What’s the solution?
In the Hivepress settings, set a time limit of 7 or 8 days so that the money can then be sent to the connect account?

Thank you for your help!


Please note that there is no 7-day limit on our part, HivePress sends an API request to Stripe after the order receives the Completed status so that part of the vendor’s funds is automatically transferred from Stripe Connect to the linked express vendor account. If there are insufficient funds on Stripe Connect (for example, the user’s initial payment was not received), the funds will still be sent to the vendor.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Ok so if I understand correctly,
once the order is complete you send everything to stripe.
However, why is an attempt being made to transfer money from my stripe account when I haven’t YET received the customer’s funds to send it to the connect account?
Stripe imposes a deadline of 7 days before the money arrives on my stripe connect before sending it to the connect express account.
And my 2) question: If I don’t have any money on my balance, will a transfer still take place once the money has been received?
3) Does this put my stripe balance in Negative?


For our part, we don’t send anything to Stripe, everything works through API requests to transfer from the main Stripe Connect account to the linked vendor’s express account. For more information on the specifics of payments, I recommend contacting Stripe Connect support:

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