Stripe Express Payout is missing Order ID

When the booking ends the order is automatically completed. Then Hivepress is triggering the Payout to the vendor express accounts which works well, even if the funds have not been released yet.

In the Payout call there is an order ID in the description. However this description is lost when it ends-up in the connected account and the vendor can only see the amount and the name of the standard account. In this way they will not know where the funds came from.

I contacted Stripe support and they explained the following to solve this. I understand this can be done in the same API call.

Here is the feedback from Stripe support. Hope this can be fixed soon.

The first step is to get the transfer id associated with the charge from the transfer property on the charge object [1].

Once you have that next you’ll retrieve the transfer [2] to get the destination_payment property corresponding to the payment on the connected account (py_XXX) from the transfer object [3].
You can do all of that in one API call by using the expand feature [4] and passing the transfer to get the transfer property expanded in the response. That’ll give them access to the payment id (py_XXX) directly in that API call. Once you have that, you’ll call the Update Charge API [5] using the Stripe-Account header [6] so that you can set the order id in the description so your express customers can see it.

As per checking, it looks like it isn’t, when a payment is transferred it creates a charge object on the express account (Updating the transfer doesn’t do anything), you have to update the charge.

In the screenshot there is a source_transaction, that has the id for the object you need to update.

[1] Stripe API reference – curl
[2] Stripe API reference – curl
[3] Stripe API reference – curl
[4] Stripe API reference – curl
[5] Stripe API reference – Update a charge – curl
[6] Making API calls for connected accounts | Stripe Documentation

Any feedback on this bug? I t would be impossible to run a booking site / market place in an automated way without having the vendor able to correlate their payouts to their orders.

Thank you for waiting. Please provide more details about where you have checked this information, as on screenshots. We have tested it locally, and it seems to be ok. The transfer description is correctly shown in the Payments/All transactions section, in the Balances/Transfers section in the admin Stripe account (your main account in Stripe). Also, the transfer description is correctly shown when you check the vendor connected account, and it is possible to see all transfers to the vendor connected account with the transfer description. Maybe there are some third-party customizations or plugins which changes the transfer description.

Hi @yevhen, thanks for the reply. The I agree that the Order is visible on the main account, see below more detailed screenshot. I see the details in the Payments/All transaction sections and also when I check the connected account from my main account. That is not the problem.

Connected account (from my main account)

The problem is that the “client” is using the Express account to track their payouts on their end. When they check their payouts and the funds coming into their account need to know where this money relates to. As you can see in the screenshot below this is not visible on the Express account (Manage Payout On Stripe). This is the Express portal they login to and this is the only thing they would see. The Order ID is not showing up in any of the fields, and probably not on their bank accounts too.

The screenshot is showing the Stripe Express dashboard for the “vendor”. You see that funds are settled etc… but the Order ID is not visible anywhere. Also not when you click on the line items.

Detailed view when you click on the line-item, No Order ID;

According the Stripe Developer help-desk there is a way to set the description on the Express account equal to the Order ID (Step 6).

Thank you for reporting this and for providing details. We will do detailed research on this issue and check the possibility of fixing it

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Hi there! May I ask you how you connect your standard stripe account with your platform? Because as far now mine its connected into one who don’t send deposits to the sellers express one. That would be amazing! Thank you

Hi, its just connected in the Hivepress settings using the Stripe (test) keys. But if you use it for bookings then only when the booking period ends the transfer it triggered.
To test you can change the booking dates in the admin panel to a date before now and a payout is triggered.

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