Stripe order sending two emails for same action

When placing an order with Stripe, users are receiving two emails (one is the custom email created in Hivepress Settings, and one is more general/automated with financial information).

Steps to reproduce

Use website to purchase an item

Actual result

Receive the email we customized (Booking cancelled) AND another auto-generated email (Order Refund)

Expected result

Only the Hivepress customized email should be sent.

Extra details

Further to this, I see there are two sets of emails that go out, one for the “booking” and one for the “order”. The booking one takes users to the booking page, the other to the order page.

Two questions:

  • Can this be combined into one email for all the information?

One issue:

  • The booking number and the order number differ by a value of 1

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.