Stripe seller payout

I was testing automatic payout and it seems as though the vendors funds arent transferred to their stripe account. What I’m i doing wrong in the set up process ?

Please make sure that this vendor created a linked Stripe account (during the registration or via the link on the Account page, under the menu). Then if any order linked to this vendor is marked as Completed, this will trigger a Stripe payout from the main Stripe Connect balance to the linked vendor Stripe account. Also make sure that the main Stripe Connect account has sufficient funds (I recommend testing this via their Test Mode first).

Ok i will try and use test. Quick question. Sholdnt it always have sufficient funds since the money flows from the customer to the vendor?

@ihor It appears that I can’t list a service during test mode with a test account. Is that so on your side?

Initially all the payments are sent to the site owner Stripe account (e.g. the main Stripe Connect account if you use it in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments for accepting payments). So the funds are held in the main Stripe Connect account until the order is completed, this triggers an automatic payout from the main Stripe Connect account to the linked Stripe account that vendors set up. The main Stripe Account should have sufficient funds for a payout (as far as I know Stripe allows to top up the Stripe Connect account via a bank transfer, or you can set it up to accept payments in WooCommerce/Settings/Payments).

Please make sure that you also use the Test Mode API key instead of the live one for Stripe in HivePress/Settings/Integrations. The Test Mode itself shouldn’t block the listing submission process.

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